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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Borrowed Time

Borrowed time..........

I've been thinking about what that means lately.
How can we live like there is no tomorrow and have borrowed time?

Recently we have been on the fast track to crazy. We are speeding along with our adoption paperwork to get to our kids by summer. We are in the process of buying a farm in Michigan that we will move to after we get the kids home. We may be building a house on the farm. We will be moving our 15 alpaca up there soon and just bought a friends herd of 15 more. On top of that, Mel will be leaving his job of 8 years at the Pentagon to transition to telecommuting and farming when we move.

CRAZY you say.......why yes, that would be my life.
Oh yeah, I also have 7 kids at home.

Following God's plan rarely looks sane.

PEACE. That is what we have in all of this. That alone is crazy.

Where is all the money coming from to ransom our kids and start a new life? I have no idea.
I've heard people say, "Remember that God owns the cattle on a thousands hills." But, do you realize he also owns the hills!
God has called us to live this life, He will also provide.

We can not borrow time from God, because no one is promised tomorrow.

Prepare for tomorrow, but look around you at the blessing of today.

Love it, live it, breathe it all in, and follow your God dreams.

Be strong in the Lord, never give up hope
Your gonna do great things, I already know
God's got His hand on you, so don't live life in fear
Forgive and forget, but don't forget why your here
Take your time and pray, Thank God for each day
His love will find a way
These are the word I would say
(Sidewalk Prophets song)