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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Raffle

We are excited to have our first raffle. We will be raffling a baby diaper cake by "Nana's Diaper Baby Cake's".

37 Luvs diapers size 1
3 burpcloths, green organic "Little Seed" brand
Parent's choice pacifier
Johnson's baby shampoo 1.5 oz
Green baby spoon Learning curve brand
2 Brightstarts shaped teething rings
orange wash cloth
organic bib "Little Seeds" brand
Caterpillar from Kohl's Eric Carle
The very hungry caterpillar book
Cake plate
paper shred
wired ribbon
curling ribbons
.Raffle will begin July 1st
Tickets with be $5.00 each.
More details to follow.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yard Sale July 2

We have finally gotton serious about fund raising. We are having a big yard/bake sale on Sat. July 2 from 9-2 to benefit the adoption. Any local people, please come out and shop or if you have anything to donate that would be awesome as well.
4035 Plank Rd
Fredericksburg, VA
(between Faith Baptist Church & Powell's Furniture)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rushing Through Life

In the Washington, DC Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, a man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, since it was rush hour, it was estimated that thousands of people went through the station, most of them on thier way to work. After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule. A minute later the violinist recieved his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.

A few minutes later a young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started walking again.

At 10 minutes: A 3 year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time. This action was repeated by several children, but every parent- without exception- forced their chilldren to move on quickly.

The musician played continuously for 45 minutes and in the that time only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32.

When he finished playing and silence took over, no one noticed and no one applauded. There was no recognition at all.

No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth over $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell performed to a sold-out theater in Boston where the seats averaged $100 each.

This is a true story. Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the DC Metro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities.

This experiment raised several questions:
- In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we percieve beauty?
- If so, do we stop to appreciate it?
- Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made, how many other things are we missing as we rush through life?

( An except from CQ magazine)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God's Sense of Humor

All in God's wonderful timing and His great sense of humor, on the very day I get the last piece of paperwork completed, we get a message that the country we are adopting from has stopped all adoptions for the next three months so they can transition to a new "Ministry of so and so" (agency). That all means that the paperwork that I have spent the last month on is now invalid. So now we wait.............................

Thankfully, our kids are still available when the country reopens and hopefully the new process will go smoothly. Please pray for us.
I feel for those families that were even closer than us and are now waiting to bring their children home also. I have found such comfort in the SN adoption community and know we will just pick up where we left off (albeit with new paperwork) and an even greater appreciation for our family and the gift of adoption.

Now I guess my attention can once again return to my family and our summer plans as we wait. The kids are bummed that it might take longer to get our kids but will have mommy's full attention once again.

Joyfully waiting,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Facebook Blitz

Okay, so International adoption can be quite pricey. There are not too many people who can afford to hand  over $20,000-$40,000 cash upfront.  Those who make a commitment to adopt internationally find ways to fundraise $ to aide with their adoption. There is a donation fund set up in our name via Reece's Rainbow ( www.reecesrainbow.org/sponsorrogers ) that will help contribute to bringing our 2 children home. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Sometimes $30,000 seems so overwhelming but if you break it down, it's really not that impossible. If......

200 people donated $150.00 = $30,000

250 people donated $ 120.00  = Goal!

300 people donated $ 100.00 = Goal!

350 people donated $ 85.00 = Goal!

400 people donated $ 75.00 = Goal

500 people donated $ 60.00 = Goal!

So here is my challenge....

If every friend I have on Facebook was able to donate $20 and then send on to their friends a message about our family and they donanted, we would hit our goal in no time.
Please remember we are ransoming out 2 beautiful children, that would be sent to an adult institution in their country at age 5, all because they have an extra chromosome.
Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart for your help.

Where Does The Money Go?

I wanted to give a break down of where all the money goes for our adoption. We are ransoming the lives of two beautiful children who would be put in an adult mental institution at age 5 and live the rest of their lives there simply because they have an extra chromosome.
Here it is:
Homestudy                              $2100.00 (paid)
RR Promise Trust                    $2000.00 (paid)
RR Voice of hope                   $250.00  (paid)
RR Application Fee                 $25.00 ( paid)
USCIS                                   $890.00 ( paid)
Fingerprining                           $130.00 (paid)
State Police Clearance            $40.00 (paid)
Apostille fees                          $500.00
Airline tickets to EE                $8000.00
Adoption fee for 2 children     $13,000.00
Donation to Orphanage           $1000.00
Travel in Country                    $2000.00
Clare & Malichi Physical         $300
Clare & Malachi Visa              $810
C & M Passports                    $1200
Living in EE for 8 weeks          $7000
Airline tickets home                 $10000.00

Total                                       $49,245.00

We have paid for $5435.00 so far and have $10,000 left in the bank. We are going to do what ever it takes to bring our kids home and am so looking forward to see how God moves mountains for us.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Dream Vehichle

Here is a picture of my next dream vehichle....

With so many little ones, this will be a life saver!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

On To The Next Phase

We are thankfully about a week away from our home study being complete, so now I need to turn my attention to the DOSSIER! I really am excited, but also completely intimidated. I have no idea how you have something "Apostilled" and I have about a bazillion things that need it. Thankfully I don't mind driving to Richmond to get our state stuff done, but sending birth certificates to North Carolina and Louisiana? Then a marriage license to New York? Then the instructions of, "Don't get it done too early, because it will expire in 5 months, but HURRY UP!" AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
I just keep reminding myself that we are ransoming out our children from a life of bondage, and this momma bear comes out in me and I'm ready to tackle the world, so what's a little paperwork.

As we have been working with our amazing home study agency (anyone in Virgina, use Forever Families in Warrenton, they are awesome!) to get all this done I think, "Next time will be easier."  Yes, we are already thinking about a next time. I guess when your eyes are opened to the need, you just respond. We'll just have to build a bigger house (my poor husband).

I am very glad that through all of this I have the other kids to keep me semi-grounded here. We took them to see a civil war re-enactment and it was great, but I was thinking that I need to get a 4 seat stroller or I'll never survive.

What a great life......