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Thursday, June 2, 2011

On To The Next Phase

We are thankfully about a week away from our home study being complete, so now I need to turn my attention to the DOSSIER! I really am excited, but also completely intimidated. I have no idea how you have something "Apostilled" and I have about a bazillion things that need it. Thankfully I don't mind driving to Richmond to get our state stuff done, but sending birth certificates to North Carolina and Louisiana? Then a marriage license to New York? Then the instructions of, "Don't get it done too early, because it will expire in 5 months, but HURRY UP!" AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
I just keep reminding myself that we are ransoming out our children from a life of bondage, and this momma bear comes out in me and I'm ready to tackle the world, so what's a little paperwork.

As we have been working with our amazing home study agency (anyone in Virgina, use Forever Families in Warrenton, they are awesome!) to get all this done I think, "Next time will be easier."  Yes, we are already thinking about a next time. I guess when your eyes are opened to the need, you just respond. We'll just have to build a bigger house (my poor husband).

I am very glad that through all of this I have the other kids to keep me semi-grounded here. We took them to see a civil war re-enactment and it was great, but I was thinking that I need to get a 4 seat stroller or I'll never survive.

What a great life......


  1. I have seen strollers for 4 that are huge and long and heavy. Might end up with two 2's and the older kids will just have to take turns pushing. Why do you have to send the paperwork all over the place?

  2. Hi Erika, I would love to chat with you. My husband and I are also adopting 2 children through Reece's Rainbow. We live in VA and we are also using Forever Families for our homestudy. It would be great to connect with your family. It is exciting to find others from VA!