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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God's Sense of Humor

All in God's wonderful timing and His great sense of humor, on the very day I get the last piece of paperwork completed, we get a message that the country we are adopting from has stopped all adoptions for the next three months so they can transition to a new "Ministry of so and so" (agency). That all means that the paperwork that I have spent the last month on is now invalid. So now we wait.............................

Thankfully, our kids are still available when the country reopens and hopefully the new process will go smoothly. Please pray for us.
I feel for those families that were even closer than us and are now waiting to bring their children home also. I have found such comfort in the SN adoption community and know we will just pick up where we left off (albeit with new paperwork) and an even greater appreciation for our family and the gift of adoption.

Now I guess my attention can once again return to my family and our summer plans as we wait. The kids are bummed that it might take longer to get our kids but will have mommy's full attention once again.

Joyfully waiting,


  1. Maybe a break is just what you need. AND maybe this will mean a faster time in country. I promise if that is the case, it will SO be worth it!

    Have a good summer.

  2. oh praying for you all! the above comment is one to hold onto but i cannot imagine how you felt when you read the message! i often talk about God's sense of humour! sometimes i think He uses my life like a comedy sitcom! xxx

  3. What a disappointment. Maybe you get to spend winter/spring over there? WOW!

    Please accept this $25.00 donation in Honor of my Dad for Father's Day who started this whole thing!