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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where Does The Money Go?

I wanted to give a break down of where all the money goes for our adoption. We are ransoming the lives of two beautiful children who would be put in an adult mental institution at age 5 and live the rest of their lives there simply because they have an extra chromosome.
Here it is:
Homestudy                              $2100.00 (paid)
RR Promise Trust                    $2000.00 (paid)
RR Voice of hope                   $250.00  (paid)
RR Application Fee                 $25.00 ( paid)
USCIS                                   $890.00 ( paid)
Fingerprining                           $130.00 (paid)
State Police Clearance            $40.00 (paid)
Apostille fees                          $500.00
Airline tickets to EE                $8000.00
Adoption fee for 2 children     $13,000.00
Donation to Orphanage           $1000.00
Travel in Country                    $2000.00
Clare & Malichi Physical         $300
Clare & Malachi Visa              $810
C & M Passports                    $1200
Living in EE for 8 weeks          $7000
Airline tickets home                 $10000.00

Total                                       $49,245.00

We have paid for $5435.00 so far and have $10,000 left in the bank. We are going to do what ever it takes to bring our kids home and am so looking forward to see how God moves mountains for us.

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