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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Social workers

Having been foster parents in many states, we have gone through a lot of social workers. I always found it interesting that after knowing us only a few hours total they would write a report that would affect us forever. How do you explain to a practical stranger that," I know I have five kids under 9yrs old, but we feel called of God to do this.", and " not just one special needs child but two."
The questions like "How do you plan on homeschooling 7 children?" Isn't 7:1 a better teacher ratio than in the public schools or daycare?
Isn't it "better" to go into this completely informed and willing, than to have it be a surprise at birth and then have to figure it out?
I feel so encouraged when I read the Reece's Rainbow profiles of other families who have more kids than I do and they do adoption after adoption of these beautiful, deserving children. I have worked in orphanages before.
I know it will all be worth it when we hold our new babies. I know God will forever change us after walking through the orphanage.

Lord, forever change me....


  1. If you need help with a SW I can tell you who NOT to use. And I have heard great things about some folks in Warrenton.

  2. Erika - We used the group in Warrenton - Clair Peyton. If you are interested, I can send you their contact info. My e-mail is giving me problems with sending since I arrived in country so I may have to send it via comment and you just not post the comment. I can receive e-mail though - bwbergman@verizon.net. SW does make a difference!!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog. It's nice to start getting acquainted with others on this journey. We are just starting out and I'm still in the terrified state. I'll be checking in on your blog, hope you do the same. God bless!