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Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Really Here

After a week of what seemed like none stop printing, we finally have all the paperwork together to commit to our 2 sweet babies. Now the real fun begins. I am fimilliar with how domestic adoptions work and all the paperwork, but this is our first international adoption. The crazy things that have to be done, like get a certified copy of your birth certificate, then have it notarized that it is a certified copy, THEN have it apostilled by the State to say it really is certified and notarized!
All the while, my wonderful children just smile as I mumble all day,"they need WHAT?"

So the adventure begins....

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  1. Yes, IA is a truly crazy journey filled with twists you haven't even imagined yet! Hold on to your pants, girly, cause you're going for a ride!