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Monday, August 22, 2011


Anyone who knows me well, knows I am not a patient person. When I was pregnant with my kids I would start issuing eviction notices to them at 7 months. I usually can do a little better if I have something to work on while I'm waiting. We have an alpaca that is over due to have her baby by alot and it's making me crazy. I've had to resort to just pretending she's not pregnant.

When we started this adoption journey, it was crazy all the paperwork that had to get done. Getting things printed, ordered, notarized, faxed, apostilled, the works.

Then the happy day of mailing our dossier to our kids country. I thought I would be so happy to be done with all that.

Truth be told, I'm not.

Now I have nothing to take my mind off the waiting. I know I'm am such a baby. There are so many families who wait so much longer than I have to bring thier child home.

I was looking back at our blog and we committed to our kids on May 9th. That's right, just 3 short months ago. How can I possibly complain! But I think anyone could understand if your child was in danger or hungry or even in an unknown situation, one hour would be too long to help them.

But travelling soon is also a huge stress. I have never left my 5 kids for more than 2 nights and now I will be away from them for a total of 5 weeks. I am breaking it up into two trips, but still it is not a "happy place" thing for me to think about.

I have to just keep thinking about Thanksgiving. We will be done. Home. Everyone.
And then all 7 smiling faces around our table will make it all worth it.

How you doin' ?

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