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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Norwex- just what we were looking for.

So a friend of mine had been asking to do a fundraiser for us for a while. I really stink at hosting parties because no one seems to come. I have many friends, they just live somewhere else, so I kept putting her off. Finally a friend at church said she would host it and all I had to do was show up. My friend, Judy, was demo-ing products from a company called Norwex. They are "green" products that basically you clean with a special (anti bacterial) microfiber cloth and water. That's it! Really, can a cloth and water really clean up after my crazy, dirty family?

Well, she did the party and I was hooked! I decided I wanted to be a consultant too. Now, I still had my doubts about the products, so I first ordered a ton of stuff to try out. They came in on a Friday and then the weekend came and we got busy.....which means no cleaning.

On Monday, we had someone come to look at our house to rent. I was frantic that morning! I woke everyone up early, dressed and fed them and then started throwing Norwex cloths at everyone and shouted "Go clean something!"

That was it.... with a microfiber cloth and water, my house got clean. I didn't worry about John Daniel taking the Windex and spraying a sibling in the face with it. I didn't have to shout,"Where are the papertowels?" or "Stop unrolling the paper towels down the stairs!"

I didn't worry about the kids wiping the toilet first and then the sink and counters (remember "anti- bacterial). I used some Norwex oven and grill cleaner on my stovetop and really was surprised that it came clean!

I have to admit, normally I am a pretty bad housekeeper. With so many little ones I worry about getting out all the chemicals and a little person drinking it down. We try to get the kids involved in cleaning, but that just makes me more crazy as I see one child spraying the Windex into anothers face while they are"cleaning".

So,  now I was convinced that this stuff can clean, but what about the Personal Care items. I got out one of the face cloths (anti-bac also) that I saw a lady use at the party. I took my shower as usual and then wiped my face with the cloth. Really, I felt nothing. I was disappointed that I didn't feel it scrub my face or anything. So I rinsed it off and hung it up and then....touched my face. It was soft......really, really soft!
My daughter, Madison, is just starting to get acne on her nose so I went to get her, to have her use it too. She thought I was crazy, but she is a good girl, so she did it. She got the cloth wet and wiped her whole face and did a little extra scrub on her nose. She looked at me with that "are you serious?" face that teenagers do. I told her to touch her face. Her eye's light up and she said, "My face is so soft!". Later that day we noticed her acne was gone!.
I didn't tell my husband about either of our experiences and just told him to use the cloth to wash his face when he was done shaving. He did the next morning and then went off to work. He called me later that day and said he didn't think the cloth did anything when he washed his face and neck, but then noticed his face felt really soft. Later he called and said his dress shirts normally irriated his neck by the end of the day, but didn't on that day. He had rubbed his neck with the cloth!

I know this is a long post, but I am just so excited about what we have found. And the best part... I am holding parties now for other adoptive familes to help them financially.

I feel really good about helping families have a cleaner home and have it safe for their children also. The products work great for people with allergies or have a sensitivity.

Thanks for continuing to read and let me ramble.
If you want to read up on the products go to http://erikarogers.norwex.biz

Be Blessed,

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  1. I also have a friend that sell Norwex, and I LOVE the stuff!