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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Driver's Seat

I like to drive, which is a good thing since we live in the D.C. area and it takes forever to get anywhere. I have to be in the drivers seat, though. I get car sick if I'm not. The only way I can be a paasenger is if I sleep.

My children are so great at travelling long distances, it's really all they have ever known.
They know Mommy know's where she is going, I've got the GPS. They can sit back and listen to the radio, look out the window and daydream. Sometimes they get snacks and a drink. If it's a long trip, they even get to watch a movie. There is really no, "Mommy are we there yet?" because they know the answer, "When we get there, we get there."

We are on this journey to adopt Clare and Malachi and I find that I'm not such a good passenger.
 I'm constantly asking, "Are we there yet?" When I look out the window all I see is the turn in the road and want to know what's up ahead.

But in this Christian life, we are not really in the driver's seat, are we?

We are going to be the first RR family to adopt from our orphanage. This is not the road that I would have chosen! I like the smooth easy road. "God, don't you know I get car sick? How much longer till we get there?" Then I can hear from the front seat, "Honey, just close your eye's, we will be there soon."

I must remember that my Daddy is in the driver's seat. He know's the destination and how to get there. He know's how long it will take to get there. It's my job to relax and enjoy the ride.

We will travel this road as long as it takes to bring our sweet kids home and to open this orphanage to other families to rescue the children there.

How ever long it takes, how ever bumpy the road, we will travel it because up ahead is the prize.

Are you here yet?

Come get me, Mommy!
We're coming, sweet angels. Just a bit longer.


  1. We're the first to adopt from our daughter's institution ever! God is good, and at times I have definitely felt car sick...but oh, what an adventure! Blessings!

  2. I was so happy when Caleb Lococo, told me he found you! Christine was how I got started with blogging about Precious babies with DS. I am so happy that she has a family to love her. A mommy and Daddy to kiss her at night and tell her that she is loved!

    - Alyssa Goodhue