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Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Memory of Warner

Look at his little face, isn't he adorable! Warner was one of the children we considered adoptiong and is 2 years old. When we chose to adopt our 2 little ones, our 9 year old, Madison, prayed for Warner and Daria to find forever homes. Daria is hopefully going to be adopted with another girl from the same orphanage. Warner now has his forever home in Heaven. He died. Alone. With no momma to hold him as he was passed into the arms of Jesus. From something that good medical care and the love of a family  could have cured. We are broken hearted for this boy, but even more so for the millions that are still in the orphanages ALONE. Bring them home, adovate and pray.


  1. I am so sad. I remember reading a Bible verse that talks about orphans, and it uses the phrase, "for those appointed to die". If made me question. Why, Lord? I didn't get an answer, but I felt at peace. I went to RR and looked at the children, wondering which of them might be dying. Warner was definitely one of the faces that stood out to me. I didn't DO anything about it, though. There was another boy who looked sickly and pale. He is tiny and must have a serious heart defect. He also stood out to me. Now I feel a sense of urgency. I need to at least pray faithfully for this other boy if I can't do more. I wish I had prayed more for sweet Warner.