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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Days To Go

Matthew woke up this morning and said," Mom, I'm happy and sad." I asked why? "Because you leave in three days."

We are all so excited and know why mom and dad have to go, but it is really hard because we do everything as a family. This will be the longest we have been away from each other ever and it's hard to comprehend.

Matthew has been giving me non stop kisses and hugs so I can "save them up" to have them while I'm gone.

I don't think Cailee and John know what's about to happen, I pray for all of their sweet little hearts, that God will comfort them while we are gone.

My momma's heart is so torn right now. I have children on both sides of the ocean that I hurt to be with. Thankfully in 6 weeks this will all be over and I will have all my children under one roof.

I am looking forward to having time just with Mel. We haven't been alone together in 10 years. It will be nice to take walks and talk without constant interuptions.

In 8 days I should have my 2 babies in my arms! I'm so excited!!!


  1. Awww!!! How sweet!!! Jackson is giving me hugs all the time too now for "just acause" he says. Joseph does not comprehend we are leaving. And my oldest, Jared, has asked me to email him. I have cleaned up his room, made his bed up nice, and left him a note to find when he comes home from his dad's house on Sunday after we are gone. Cannot wait to meet you!