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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pizza Fundraiser!!

We are so excited to partner with Cici's Pizza on September 15th from 5-8 for an adoption fundraiser.

I guess when you go into a place and they practically know you by name, you probably eat there alot. Thankfully they know our family in a good way, the kids don't destroy the place when we go to eat.

Cici's will let us set a table by the door with Reece's Rainbow flyers and pictures of our kids.

They are graciously donating 10% of sales for the night toward our adoption, so if you live in the Fredericksburg area we would love to see you there ( Central Park location).

Let them eat PIZZA!


  1. Wow! What a blessing! Good luck to you.

  2. Hey guys, i'm so glad to have come across your blog via the Reece's Rainbow website!

    Our little boy Noah was born with down syndrome, and we do a daily one minute video every day to help show the world that down syndrome is ok! We've been able to connect with some amazing families! I'm looking forward to watching your journey unfold!

    By the way, we'd love for you to post some of your pictures and tell your story on our Facebook site for Noah ----> http://facebook.com/noahsdad.com - there are lots of awesome families on there, and would love to hear your story as well!

    (Noah's Dad)

  3. SO excited for you! We will be praying that this will be an incredible fund raiser for you all! I still can't believe how fast this has gone! Thank You Jesus! Loving your family!!!