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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Babushka's

We have been so blessed to get to meet Malachi's grandma and great-grandma. They heard he was being adopted and wanted to say goodbye. They both have tried to visit him every so often since he was born and brought to the orphanage. We saw them three days ago and gave them a picture of our family to keep and they both were so happy for him they couldn't stop crying.

Today during our visit, grandma came by again with presents for Malachi to give to his new brothers and sisters. She is just precious and so happy for him. She kept pointing at him and us saying "Papa" and "Mama".

She gave us a beautiful card and it had her address on it so we could send her pictures of him as he grows.

God is so good to us. It just made our hearts so happy to know he was/is loved and they truly want him to have a better life.

Praise God for Grandmas!


  1. That is just the sweetest thing!!!!

  2. Aww!! That's wonderful! Liza had a grandma that visited her but we were told she passed away before we adopted her. I think that's why she loves my mom so much - cause she already knew what a Grandma was :)

  3. Erika, I had to come read this again this afternoon. What an amazing blessing that your boy has had all this time! To be loved by someone is such a gift for any of our kids! LOVE THIS!!!

  4. Oh, Erika! What an absolutely wonderful thing to be able to take away for him! As I looked at their faces I couldn't help but think of my own Honey. The grandma on the right reminds me of her. Such love from them. Oh how I wish this world didn't cause such separation.