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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Post for Erika

Hello All,
Well Erika, Madison and Debbie (AKA Nammie) arrived safely in Kiev on Saturday evening and left for the orphanage the next day.  All is well and despite Erika's suspicions to the contrary, she didn't have to show Malachi a picture of me in order to get him to cooperate.  It seems that he likes the Momma after all.  Unfortunately we are once again having challenges with our phone so Erika is unable to send or receive calls.  Fortunately Debbie's new I-Phone is able to send texts, and today's said that birth certificates are in hand.  Friday may be the last day that our kids have to spend in the orphanage.  I know that Erika is  working on getting another modem so hopefully she will be posting herself soon.
As soon as we have the return itenerary one of us will post it.
Please continue to pray in support of Erika and the kids.


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  1. Very exciting! So glad to hear all is going well in U! Hope you are doing well at home! : ) Praying for everyone!