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Monday, October 17, 2011

We Got 'Em

I know it has been a few days since my last post and I left everyone hanging. My excuse... I got sick.

Court went wonderful. I think it even surprised Luda how fast and easy everything went. We had time to take one picture before grabbing a taxi heading to the train station getting to Kiev in time to get 4 hours sleep before getting on our plane home. So I guess that's my other excuse.

We made some wonderful friends while in our region and am looking forward to my mom and Madison meeting them. We were promised we would recieve a Master Borsht Soup making class when we return, yummy!

Our last day with the kids was wonderful. The nannies let us stay inside and play with all the kids which was great. There was a little girl who was very low functioning that fell in love with Mel. She came over to sit by him and he got a ball to try and play with her. They started throwing the ball back and forth to each other for about 30 min. The nannies looked on in amazement. From what we understand that really was the first time she purposely interacted and played with something so lond. Our hearts are now so burdened to find these children homes.

We felt the favor of God all through out, so we were very unprepared for the devil's attacks when we got home. I had been feeling a little sick the last few days there and when we got home I got a migraine so bad, I told Mel I might want to go to the hospital. I managed to fall a sleep for a while so the hospital was not needed. I still am hurting in my back very badly and am hoping to be able to get into the Chiropractor before I leave again.

Thanks for sticking with me on this.

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  1. This is truly so exciting. I look forward to hear the rest of this beautiful story, as our faithful God guides you all through this.