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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Daily Routine

I thought I would give everyone an  idea of how we spend our day.

We wake up and have breakfast in the apartment.
Jump on the tram for our morning visit.
Spend 2 hours with the kiddos.
Jump the tram back downtown.
Have lunch in a cafe.
Go back to the apartment and read, nap or get on the computer or walk around town.
Get on the tram again for our afternoon visit.
Spend 2 hours with the kids.
Get on the tram back downtown.
Eat dinner at some cafe.
Talk to the kids at home.
Go to bed.

As you can see we spend alot of time on the tram or eating. We don't really like spending to much time in the apartment because it is too quiet. We are used to a loud crazy house and the quiet apartment makes us miss the kids. The apartment is great though, it is right down town next to all the city center things like the mall, lots of cafes and beautiful museums and monuments. It is however right by the tram, so every time it goes by it feels like a mini earthquake! That took a day to get used to.

The town if very safe and almost feels Parisan. At night dinner is at an outdoor cafe and people are walking everywhere.

The tram is very easy and cheap. For Mel and I to ride 4 times a day it only cost 10 grivna which is about $1.25 total.

Eating out is also very inexpensive. For us to eat lunch at a cafe, it's only about $12 USD for our meal, drink and tip.

In city center by one of our favorite cafe's is the Slavic War Memorial.

We have gotten to visit Pirogov's museum and tomb, who was a famous Russian scientist and doctor.

A chocolate maker, Roshen, has a beautiful fountain in front of their office building and they do an amazing laser light show on the weekends that we got to see.

We definately are ready to go home though. We miss the kids at home and are ready for Malachi and Clare to get to play with them and have freedom to take them where ever we want and let them go play in the dirt.
We can not wait to get Malachi a nerf gun and let Matthew and John show him how to go "hunting" in the yard. Or to put Clare's hair up in a pretty bow and learn how to play dolls with her sisiter's.

This has been such an amazing experience that we will treasure always and hopefully be able to tell Clare and Malachi about their home country when they are older.

OK, off to jump on the tram again.

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  1. Your routine sounds very similar to ours! Though there was no tram and we had to have a driver take us to the orphanage (about 30 minutes each way so it unfortunately got expensive). We loved the city we were in and enjoyed the cafes (it's amazing how inexpensive eating out is there). Enjoy the experience and soak it in! :-)