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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, tomorrow is one of the big days we have been waiting for. We have court Wednesday at 3:30pm! Then we get to rush to the train, head to Kiev and get on a plane home Thursay at 6:45am.

I can not wait to see all of my smiling little faces when we get off the airplane in DC. I'm glad we have a king size bed, because I'm sure there will be some little people sneaking in our bed in the middle of the night ( and I can't wait!!).

When we got here, all the nanny's usually try to send us outside to play with our kids instead of play inside with the other kids. Mel and I always thought, "What could it hurt? Why can't we play with the other kids too?"  Then we had some bad wheather and the nice nanny's let us play inside. I have answered the question " What could it hurt?" Me is the answer. All the children are so precious and my heart is breaking into a thousand little pieces knowing I can't take them all.

I am thankful that it is a nice orphanage with a director and nanny's who really seem to care. The children are well fed and each groupa has a nice little playroom. But it's not a family.

I will be coming back with my mom and Madison for the pick up trip. I am looking forward to seeing my mom's reaction to her new grandchildren. She is a special education teacher, so it might be hard to pry her out of the groupa because she will want to leave lesson plans for the nanny's. :-)

With Madison, I'm going to have to frisk her daily to make sure she hasn't snuck one of the other kids out of the orphanage also. My husband likes to joke that I'm Rumplestilskin and she is Rumpy Jr. How could I blame her, they are all so adorable you just want to squeeze them.

I really am overwhelmed with all the love that has been shown us both here and at home.

How could we ever do this without you?


  1. Praying for you and hoping court has gone well!
    the ADamsons

  2. Tell Madison to smuggle a couple home for me!