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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Birthday in U

Today was my birthday, and it went great! It would have been better if my honey was here and we busted our kids out but it was still great. I got to love on my kids and go shopping at the open market. I had a wonderful 4 hour birthday dinner with awesome friends in a beautiful traditional restaurant.

Hopefully we will leave our region on Monday and get to go home on Thursday. We have learned that anything can happen in this process, so we are trying to be flexable.

The very best part will be that we get our "Gotcha Day" on Clare's 2nd birthday!

With Malachi, he is learning to like Mama, mostly because I'm the one who carries the cookies in my purse. However, he will always be Papa's boy. I showed Malachi pictures of his Papa on my camera and he would kiss it over and over.

Trying to call Papa

Hopefully he will see his Papa soon and we can share all the wonderful miracles that have happened through this process.


  1. Happy Birthday! What a special birthday this must be for you, with the gift of your two precious children. The Lord richly bless you.